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Tapestries of Lakeland by Lacey Fitzgerald

If you have recently visited Downtown or Midtown Lakeland, or even Dixieland, you may have noticed some of the sixty-five large, beautiful paintings scattered all throughout these areas.

On November 2nd, 2018, an art installation- called Tapestries Lakeland, made possible by artist Nelson Collins’ art studio: “Painting Along studios”, forty-three artists were able to plaster their work all over the walls of Lakeland. There is no specific theme to the pieces, which range from an octopus that seems as though you could touch it, to a warm family photo painted vibrant colors that almost lights up the town. Twenty-two of the artists are students from local schools including Harrison School of the Arts, Polk State, and Florida State College.

The vivid art work serves as a source of entertainment to the local community where citizens can come together and enjoy the display. These masterpieces are painted with extremely durable paint since they will be on display until January of 2020, so, you have plenty of time to venture downtown to see them for yourself!