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Super-Kids To Lakeland By Brendan Berry

On Saturday, October 13th, the Super-Kids Classic came to Lakeland. Sunshine State Super-Kids travels around to different cities in Central Florida working with special needs children, foster care group home, and children from inner city communities.

The kids who attend get to bolt around, participating in hands-on workshops, fun games and races. From 8am to 3pm, kids get to do all the things the don’t normally get to enjoy. When speaking with Kathryn Scruggs, a mother from Tampa, FL,  she states that she loves to bring her kids to this event. She thinks it’s a very “fun” and “safe” environment for her kids and any other who attend.

Walking around I hear the laughter and see the smiles on kids faces. I want to shout out Sunshine State Super Kids for the job they’re doing. Us here at the Spear highly recommend attending this event, so watch out for the next time Super-Kids come to your city!