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About the Lake Gibson Volleyball Team

District Champions: 2017

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Jessie Hopkins
Assistant Coach: Ashley Walker
JV Coach: Maggie Jorge

Coach Jesse Hopkins' Philosophy: 

Coach Jessie Hopkins has grown up in Lakeland and attended Lakeland Christian High School where she played volleyball for 6 years.  She played for Warner Southern, Polk State, and Florida College where her team won a National Championship in 2007.  She has been coaching since she was 19 years old and had been the head volleyball coach at Lake Gibson High School since 2015.

Jessie coaches because of her love of the game and helping players reach their dreams through the catalyst of a sport.

Schedule and Rosters

Varsity Roster

8/16/2018ThursdayPre-season ClassicLake GibsonJV 6:00, V 7:00
8/21/2018TuesdaySanta Fe CatholicSanta FeJV 6:30, V 7:30
8/23/2018ThursdayLakelandLake GibsonJV 6:30, V 7:30
8/30/2018ThursdayGeorge JenkinsLake GibsonJV 6:30, V 7:30
9/5/2018WednesdayLake Region High SchoolLake RegionJV 6:30, V 7:30
9/6/2018ThursdayMcKeelMckeelV 5:30
9/7 - 9/8Friday-SaturdayBishop McLaughlin TournamentBishop McLaughlin TBA
9/11/2018TuesdayLakeland High SchoolLakelandV 6:30
9/13/18ThursdayAuburndale High SchoolAuburndaleJV 6:30, V 7:30
9/18/2018TuesdaySouth Lake High SchoolLake GibsonJV 6:30, V 7:30
9/20/2018ThursdaySanta Fe CatholicLake GibsonJV 6:30, V 7:30
9/21-9/22Friday-SaturdayJV Tournament Lakeland High SchoolLakelandTBA
9/25/2018TuesdaySouth LakeSouth LakeJV 6:30, V 7:30
9/27/2018ThursdayLake Region High SchoolLake GibsonJV 6:30, V 7:30
10/1/2018MondayWinter HavenLake GibsonJV 6:30, V 7:30
10/2/2018AuburndaleAuburndaleLake GibsonJV 6:30, V 7:30
10/9/2018TuesdayGeorge JenkinsJenkinsJV 6:30, V 7:30
10/11/2018ThursdayMcKeel AcademyLake GibsonJV 5:30, V 6:30
10/12 - 10/13Friday-SaturdayTBA- DistrictsOrlandaTBA
TBATBA- DistrictsTBA- DistrictsTBA