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Youth Summit

On March 18th, the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the Mu Zeta Lambda Foundation are holding a Youth Summit. The event is for 6th-12th graders. Both the Fraternity and the foundation are working with at-risk youth by mentoring them. The event is meant to engage students from around Polk County. This event will have a lasting impact on their decisions today and in the future.

This year, both programs are partnering with the Department of Juvenile Justice and Big Brothers & Big Sisters to achieve their goal. They are asking that all 6th-12th graders consider attending. The Summit will help students in education and technology skills. It will be held at Polk State College’s Lakeland Campus from 9am-2pm, in room LAC-1133.

This event is free and targets teenagers ages 13-18, in Polk County. The occasion will teach what serving in the military has to offer. There are also workshops to help team building and prep for tests. Lunch will also be provided. For more information, contact Howard Mathis at 863-899-6598.

It’s a chance for students to be prepared for anything in the future. Mentors will be in attendance as well. There is also an institute called Men of Tomorrow for 9th-12th graders. Some of the activities include: Financial Aid, Money Management and Politics. All of this is to help them with obstacles later in life.

Students in those aforementioned grades should consider going to the Summit. There is also the Men of Tomorrow institute application on their website. The website is The program is targeted toward males in 9th-12th grade. It’s a great way to be prepared for the future.