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Wherefore Art Thou Reading Shakespeare

Two unlucky children from enemy families become lovers and commit suicide. This is the gist of Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet.” As Lake Gibson students study Shakespeare in their English classes, they are enjoying literature that is hundreds of years old. “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” is 421 years old and has been a classic love story since 1597. Freshmen are reading “Romeo and Juliet”, sophomores are reading “Julius Caesar” and seniors have read “Macbeth.” Mr. Duncan, a 9th grade English teacher, says, “Reading Shakespeare is fun, it’s amusing to watch the students cringe as they relate to the story.” Mr. Stephens a 10th grade honors English teacher feels that, “It’s a good thing that they read Shakespeare to be able to read it in the older language and in a modern language.” He also loves to encourage his students to read it in accents, any accents that they feel fit the given character. Senior English teacher, Mrs.Yopp, feels it is good to read Shakespeare to understand the past language along with the modern language we use today. Shakespeare was a wonderful writer and many feel his pieces are a lot better than the basic “happily ever after.” He had such an out of the box mindset, therefore students still read his pieces today and hopefully for many more years to come.