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What is Bird Box? By Elijah Allen

What is the movie “Bird Box”? Bird Box is one of the top-grossing movies on Netflix with a 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes; “Bird Box” is a Netflix original movie released in December 2018, starring Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, and rapper Machine Gun Kelly. “Bird Box” was originally a novel written by Josh Malerman published on March 27, 2014., a site devoted to reviewing books, rated Bird Box 4.5 stars out of 5. The movie has a post-apocalyptic setting, with Sandra Bullock and two children on a journey to hide from monsters, who play tricks on their mind and make them want to hurt themselves if they see the monsters. The characters have to wear blindfolds while outside so they don’t see the monsters. Bird Box is very popular right now on social media because of a challenge that’s is going around called “The Bird Box Challenge”. Netflix is urging people to not do the challenge because of the potential dangers. The challenge consists of people completing actions blindfolded as if they were in the movie. The challenge has boosted the popularity of the movie because of the number of people attempting the blindfolded challenge. Usually, Netflix gets a bad rap for their original movies but this one has helped gain them a ton of attention.