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What about Socrum Loop Rd? By Josh Curran

The Lake Gibson drop-off line tends to be rather long most mornings. This can be a problem when parents need to get to work, to avoid getting trapped in the parking lot parents drop their children off on Socrum Loop Rd, while this may be a quick solution for these parents it is dangerous for the students. 

The school’s number one concern is student safety and getting out of a vehicle in busy traffic is very dangerous. Another problem that occurs because of this is traffic being backed up due to cars constantly stopping to let a passenger out, students could be wearing dark clothing which could make it harder to see them by oncoming cars. Also a big problem is students not using the crosswalk. A solution for the big problem happening could be if parents would leave a few minutes earlier and use the drop off zone. With these not happening it causes traffic to slow down on Socrum Loop. 

The administration at Lake Gibson High School has made multiple announcements on the matter yet it continues to happen. It is a major issue that seems to be being brushed off as if it is nothing. Lake Gibson High School just hopes that it stops before someone gets seriously injured.