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Under the Microscope – A Close Look at Mrs. Hornsby

After taking a biology class in high school, Mrs. Hornsby knew what she wanted to do for her career. Biology was always her favorite subject in high school. She mentioned, “I had a really awesome biology teacher named Mrs. Sanders, who made the topic fun and interesting for me and I really enjoyed learning about things we do and see every day affect our lives.”

Mrs. Hornsby graduated from St. Joseph’s College only a few years ago and her first teaching job was at Lake Gibson. Mrs. Hornsby is about to complete her second year of teaching as the 2017-2018 school year is coming to an end. She hopes to teach as long as she can.

Teaching high school students can have its rewards and challenges. Mrs. Hornsby’s favorite part about teaching is getting to build a relationship with her students and getting to know them on a personal level. “It is exciting when past students come to visit me and share what they’re up to now and I look forward to continuing to build those relationships in the future!”

Mrs. Hornsby’s least favorite thing about teaching is having to follow specific guidelines, lesson plans, methods, and giving standardized tests. Mrs. Hornsby claimed, Sometimes I do not get to do the activities or labs I would like to do or think would be enjoyable for students. It takes away the fun of teaching sometimes.”

Mrs. Hornsby says the most stressful thing as a teacher is the end of the year test. “I want to see all my students pass the EOC and graduate. When you see the same students every day you want nothing but the best for them.” Mrs. Hornsby’s advice to people who want to become teachers is, “Teaching is sometimes quoted as an “easy” profession but it’s quite the opposite. This is not just a day job, you will take things home to do, plan lessons outside of school, go shopping for supplies on your own time etc.”