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Track and Field

The Track and Field season kicked off in November with conditioning. At the beginning of every season, the boys’ and girls’ teams participate in conditioning, and work together to build strength and flexibility. Once the season begins, the runners either choose their event or they have to run under a certain time to qualify for a specific event, such as the 100 and 200 meter dash. These two events require the correct sprinting form and technique to beat the competition.

Senior, Trevon Thompson is currently one of the top athletes this year and has been running track for the most of his life. He participated in the 160 and 200 meter dash events; his fastest time in the 100 meter dash event is 10.64 seconds. Trevon has competed with some of the fastest runners in the state and remains one of the fastest sprinters in our district. There is more to track and field than sprinting. There are also distance runs and field events. Distance runners can participate in 800 meter, 1600 meter, and even 3200 runs. Field events include the shot put, discus, long jump, and high jump. Nick Taylor, another senior, is one of the top performers in the high jump and long jump events in the district. Also, Taylor and Thompson plan on performing well enough to qualify for the state competition at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

Both the boys’ and girls’ track teams have participated in seven track meets this year. Most of the meets have been at George Jenkins, but they also travelled as far as Kissimmee, to compete. Track meets are scored on a 10-point scale and the top 8 athletes in each event will earn points for their team. If a runner comes in first place in their event, their team is awarded 10 points. Second place receives 8 points, so on and so forth. The team with the most points wins the track meet. There can be up to 20 teams competing at one track meet. There were a lot of accomplishments during this season of track. Lake Gibson’s track teams have worked hard to be where they are at now.