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Tips To Be Successful in High School By Zoey Fountain

Transitioning into high school or staying on top of your “A game” can be difficult for any student that participates in an everyday lifestyle. Around this time of the year, students who started off the year very organized have now fallen off track and neglected those “beginning of year structures.” At Lake Gibson Senior High School, the excelling honor roll and straight-A students wanted to shed light and hopefully advise their peers so they don’t feel discouraged.

Daniel Badell Cortina is senior and an all A student that participates in Swim Team, NHS, Youth Impact, FBLA and Debate club and still manages to stay on top of all of his responsibilities by “doing things on time and not waiting till last minute.” Badell Cortina has a very successful high school career and many people should take tips from him. Another senior named Enrique Carrasquillo says he is an honor roll student that has swim practice on top of his bust school schedule and his advice is to take naps and get as much rest in between vigorous daily activities. More hardworking twelfth graders Vanessa Oliva, Kimberly Woodard, Eryn Orduna, and Maria Rivera all agree students should have planners with specific activities in them as well as binders and pocket dividers for each class to have. That extra step in organization helps to keep up in class. Tiana Rouis and Chyna Ellis say the teacher send reminds to their cell phones to help them remember to do work for school. Even though underclassmen are new to the high school scene, they have access to these tools to guide upcoming freshman and possible distracted upperclassmen as well. Payton Thompson and Raquel Reyes “hole punch everything even the graded work” to “see results” and have a place to put it in their binders. Thompson says she participates in FFA and shows pigs which takes up a lot of her time so she finds her success in writing her priorities in a list. Reyes and Katelyn Anderson mentioned cleaning out their binder and backpacks to prevent clutter. Kaci Csellar and 9th grade English teacher Mr. Duncan sometimes use apps on their phones like notes and “Asana” to create routines and “keep themselves accountable for every activity participated in.

High school could be the easiest and stress-free four years of anyone’s teenage life, as long as they take into consideration the tips to be successful.