Man holding newspaper LG Spear Newsletter

The Spear Aims to Bring News to LG

We write this paper. We interview, dig deep, and get valuable details. We are the Spear. The newspaper is a very important part of Lake Gibson High school, the “Spear” holds valuable information on any sport, play, activity, or meeting. We have an amazing team of students that work hard every day to put out a monthly paper. We write about a variety of things such as student achievements, trends in school, athletes/coaches, world news, news in Lakeland, music, movies, and sports. A few reporters on the 2017-2018 spear staff have a few words about the class. Kaci Csellar, a reporter says, “Her favorite thing about the newspaper is going and getting interviews and meeting new people.” Victoria Wahlers says, “Her favorite part about being in journalism is being able to work at her own pace.” Mrs. Burdick, the Spear Staff advisor has a few words for anyone wanting to join or thinking about joining the Spear staff. “Students joining the Spear newspaper staff should be independent, self-starters. Students need to be willing to talk to people of all ages such as teachers, Principals, dean’s, older students, and younger student’s and even coaches. The class is well-suited for students who enjoy writing and who would like to learn a new style of writing.”