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Bothering residents with their clinginess towards one another, this couple spends 12 hours a day having intercourse. Stuck together many times, they often appear in people’s faces. Rumour has it that they were made in an experiment gone wrong by the University of Florida; however, it’s uncertain if this is true. Plecia nearctica otherwise known as Love bugs are native species from Central America, somehow finding there a way to Florida in the 1950s. According to the University of Florida, “ Male love bugs live for about 92 hours  while females live up to 72 hours; just enough time to mate, eat, and deposit eggs in about three to four days.”  Although they have a short life span, they are seen in large groups roaming anywhere and everywhere. When local residents think of love bugs they picture them smeared all over the front bumper or grill of their vehicle. This has caused a big problem for many Floridians; Matt Mauney says, “if not cleaned within a week, the fat tissue from the love bug can eat through car paint when left out in the sun. Since there seems to be no solution for getting rid of these annoying insects, the best advice is to try to ignore them when they are swarming everywhere and scrub them off the car as soon as possible.