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The Legend Stan Lee by Elijah Allen

The creator of “Spider Man,” “X-Men” and “The Incredible Hulk,” Stan Lee, has passed away at the age of 95.

Born December 28, 1922 in New York, Lee started writing for a group named Atlas. After struggling financially, Atlas needed something big, so Lee wrote a few comics including “The Witness,” “The Destroyer,” and “Black Marvel”. This team of writers and artists at Atlas later became known as Marvel.

Lee’s first comic book under Marvel published in May 1994, was named “If this be Doomsday” and was based on the Fantastic Four. This first Marvel comic gained momentum and led to other comics such as “X-Men,” “Thor,” “The Incredible Hulk” and “Spider man”. Lee and his team built a comic book empire that has led to other comics, toys, clothes, and even blockbuster
movies. Lee often starred as a cameo in the movies based on his comics. He did this to make the movies more interesting for the fans. Stan Lee has built his comic book legacy and will be remembered as the man who helped build the Marvel empire.

He will be missed dearly by many.