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Students By Day, Employees By Night By Kaitlyn Grayson

There are many jobs available in the world today. However, not many are available to teenagers (specifically, high school students). Some Lake Gibson students have jobs, depending on things like their age. They come home from school and head off to work. Other students, however, do not have jobs. They could be too young or just may not want one yet. Many students have started to apply for jobs, but have not been hired yet. The Spear conducted a poll for the students to find out whether they have jobs or not.

The poll was taken from a large group of students to see which students have jobs and which students do not. 14/65 of the students said they did have jobs. This means only 22% of the students have jobs. The other 51/65 of the students said they did not have jobs. This means 78% of the students do not have jobs. The poll shows that most students do not have jobs.

Most students who have jobs seem to work at fast food restaurants, since most of them hire people at a younger age. Many others seem to work at family-run businesses if they are given a position to work in. Other students who do not have jobs seem to have other responsibilities to take care of or just do not want to start working yet. Some students seem to choose to wait until after they graduate to get a job. Many other factors contribute to the decision of whether to get a job or not.

No matter if students currently have jobs or not, we at Lake Gibson wish all students success in their futures.