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Spinning into Time By Ariana Casillas-Rodriguez

LG’s The Tribe has completed their marching season but have continued to provide several entertaining performances after placing superior in MPA (Music Performance Assessment). The Tribe’s color guard is preparing for their Winter Guard season. Winter Guard is a time in which color guard teams no longer perform with the band but competes within FFCC (Florida Federations of Colorguard Circuit). So, there’s the sport football, and professional football teams compete against each other under the NFL (the National Football League), that is what FFCC is to color guard. In guard, there are a total of seven classes, they differ in skill level. It ranges from Cadets (which are typically middle schoolers who are just starting out) to World Guard. World Guard competes internationally and they’re the ones that create the new moves and tosses. They are the highest skill level in Colorguard.

With that said, something very exciting has happened for this years’ color guard team at Lake Gibson High School. Last year, Lake Gibson made it to championships and placed in the top three of their Class B division. Well this year on January 19th, 2019 Winterguard held their first competition known as Premiere. At Premiere the shows aren’t finished but it’s just to give the judges a glimpse of what to expect for the rest of the season and for teams to receive feedback on how to improve. The color guard instructor here at LG, Paige Testerman, explained: “There are five judges: the equipment judge, the movement judge, two general effect judges, and a design analysis judge and they all select a score in which best fits the teams’ skill level”. This year Lake Gibson has placed top three in their class at Premiere which means they have moved from Class B to AAA (triple A) Class. This is a huge accomplishment for LG and all 13 girls are very excited to see what this class holds for them. Lake Gibson is very proud and their color guard team will continue to increase their skill level and give 100%.