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Silver Moon Drive-in By Lacey Fitzpatrick

What is there to do on an average Saturday? A common go-to for many is the movie theater. Although the theater may have tons of good qualities, the Drive-In easily surpasses it. Tired of bumping elbows with the stranger next to you at the theater? Thankfully, at Silver Moon, you can relax and enjoy your film in the comfort of your own car with your friends or, you can even bring your dog along! (Don’t forget a leash!)

At Silver Moon, there are two lots with screens that show two different movies from all genres simultaneously; just like the old times. The lots are able to fit up to 400 cars at a time. All there is left to do is pack a few blankets and pillows, text your friends and pick a movie. When watching the movie, the audio plays through the car’s radio through radio stations 89.2 FM and 89.3 FM. Starting showtimes typically range from 7-9.

The Drive-In is a quick 23 minute drive from Lake Gibson, located at 4100 New Tampa Hwy, Lakeland, Fl 33816. Children ages 4-9 are only $2, 10 and up are only $5, and children under 3 are free. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks if convenient to you, however, Silver-Moon also has a snack bar which has a wide variety of snacks ranging from pizza and pretzels to popcorn and a cold cola. You won’t regret penciling in a movie night at Silver-moon Drive-In your next free day.