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School Lunches By Oshwald Delanda

In Polk County, many students eat the school lunches, but is it really nutritious? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) informs every school cafeteria with guidelines on how to make the food for the students to ensure they are providing s healthy school lunch. How exactly does the nutritional value of a standard school lunch break down? The regular steak burger can come with cheese. The steak burger has a total of 249 calories , but with cheese it has 329. The 1% Low Fat milk has 100 calories, and the chocolate milk and strawberry both have a total of 120 calories. Students line up to eat the breakfast burrito, which has 220 calories. The Spear spoke to Marcia Gray, the cafeteria manager, and she said, “Yes, the food is nutritious. We have to follow the USDA, so all of our food has to meet certain nutritional qualities in order for us to serve it to the students.” If students are allergic to any foods, the parent has to complete a Diet Modification Form and has to return it to the school nutrition manager. Rest assured, the school lunch are in good hands and is sure to be nutritious.