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School Fights and Student Compensation by Zoey Fountain

It is assumed that schools are a safe-haven for children, where they are free from undue harm and injury. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Fights in schools are often a rite of passage from childhood to young adulthood. While most campus fights are no more than strutting, along with some pushing or shoving, there are instances where disputes gets out of hand, escalating to violence.

A school’s legal duty of care begins the moment a student steps on a school bus or school campus. This care is carried throughout the school day, including extracurricular activities that take place on school’s property. The school is no longer under authority to stop a child, once reunited with the parent or guardian. When a school violates its duty of care, the breach constitutes school negligence. When a school’s negligence results in harm of a student, the student can obtain compensation for his/ her damages. This compensation is the result of collection of the other person involved, the school, and/ or the school district.

Violence is never appropriate. Whether a dispute occurs at home or at school, excuses like, “boys will be boys” or, “girls will be girls” is not acceptable to compensate for violent actions. School fights are serious and can definitely result in serious consequences.