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Samsung vs. Apple By Nancy Arriaga

Cellphones have become incredibly advanced over the past few yearsIn fact, two of the most well-known models are Samsung and Apple. Which has been estimated by Author, Shacha Segan of PCMag reviews to result in 70.8% of U.S phones are being sold by these two brands as of late 2018. But which one is most used locally? While both have their advantages and disadvantageswhat causes people to decide to buy one over the other? They are both great phones to use on a day to day basis. Here are some details about each. 

With Samsung there is an endless amount of choices to pick from; one can definitely find one that fits their needs. With Apple, there are two to three options for a smaller or bigger version of the phone that have slightly different hardware. People tend to argue which software is better, but they can’t argue with faster, more advanced hardware for a cheaper priceWhen comparing the Samsung Galaxy S10+ to the iPhone XR Max, customers argue Samsung features, like its triple rear camera that takes crisp photos, double the ram of most iPhones, and being able to multitask and customize widgets to the placement of their choicemakes it a great choice for everyday use. Another cool feature Samsung offers is a Micro SD slot, which allows more memory to be added. Apple does offer expandable memory, however, customers have to pay an unwarranted amount of money to upgrade. A recent study on the latest phones of both brands shows Samsung durability is way better than Apple. 

However, Apple does not fall far behind. Having a speed difference makes things like playing videogames and using other apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Instagram a smoother experience. Apple is well known for its captivating camera quality, especially in portrait mode. This feature adds sophisticated lighting effects with just a tap. Apple has created enhancements over the years such as Siri and control center. With the iOS updates, Apple has added the ability to edit live photos, send payments to friends in messages and organize files via a proper files app. Apple products also have the advantage of the best apps first. iPhones are favored by developers for the most recent apps. [Google play store usually gets their hits when they have been first run on iOS.] Recently more iPhone have been seen around Lake Gibson, due to its attracting colors that include blue, red, black, yellow, white and coral on the new iPhone XR. Teens are naturally seeking Apple products for their good quality no matter the price. 

Overall, both phones have a well-developed interior and exterior that make these two brands stick out from the rest.