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Prom Prep by Lacey Fitzpatrick

The rush to find the perfect dress is here! Whether it’s long, simple, or elegant and short, fluffy or sparkly, it is sure to make a statement at this year’s prom. Prom is a night where upperclassman celebrate their years of hard work and “bust a move” at this annual semi-formal dance.

For girls, getting ready tends to be a bit more of a  process than it is for boys. Some girls may search for the right dress, shoes, and jewelry for weeks in advance and schedule hair, nail, and makeup appointments days before the big day. For boys, it may a sophisticated haircut, nice dress shoes, and a sharp looking tuxedo. Regardless of how lengthy the preparation process may be, all of the hard work will pay off when everyone is enjoying prom.

For the past few months, Lake Gibson’s Tribal Council has been hard at work, planning for this year’s prom, to make sure it will be a night that nobody will forget. The dance will be held at the Omni Resort at Champions Gate, April 27th, 2019 from 8-11pm. Here, students will be able to take photos before the big dances in their extravagant dresses and sharp suits with the beautiful scenery. Tickets for the dance will be $60 for students who attend Lake Gibson and $80 for those who don’t. They will be sold during first and second lunch only from April 1st to April 12th, so until then, be sure to save up for one of the “best nights of your life”.