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Not Just A Pawn’s Game By Cora Keahl

What used to be a popular pastime activity, when the world wasn’t made up of eyes glazed over by the light of a cell phone screen or a video game, is now a sport played by self-trained young adults that go as far as to compete in World Championships. Although chess is a sport, it isn’t played much amongst American youth anymore unless there is someone willing to sponsor a match. Lake Gibson is fortunate enough to have Mr. Baker to host the Chess Club. Meetings take place on Thursdays after school in the Media Center until 3:00.

Johnny Sampey, the president of the club, takes pride in being a part of the club and enjoys the challenges of playing against other peers, as well as students from other schools during the Scholastic Chess Tournaments. These tournaments take place at schools around the county and students may move up and down in ranks as they win or lose games. The highest ranks are #1-10 and students do not play for prizes, rather it is just for fun. Sampey stated that he enjoys the tournaments because it isn’t like playing with peers that he knows well, it’s playing with other students of different skill level.

The chess club is always looking for new opponents and looks forwards to seeing more Braves in the Media Center after school on Thursday.