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Netflix is Taking it One Day at a Time By Ariana Casillas-Rodriguez

Netflix has done it again! On January 6th, 2017 the very first season of One Day at a Time premiered and immediately became very popular. This show is unique, considering that it is a remake of the One Day at a Time from the mid-1970s. The latest version still includes the quirky handy-man, who is an honorary member of the family and goes by the name Schneider from the original show. However, some describe the 2019 version as “Latinized” due to the change of the theme song which is now performed in salsa style by Gloria Estefan. This compliments the show because now instead of the Romano’s, they are now the Alvarez’s and most people who know Gloria Estefan also know that she is Cuban. Therefore, having a Cuban singer introduces the storyline of the Cuban family and the struggles they go through. In One Day at a Time they are comedic, but they also incorporate several social issues involving politics, challenges facing adolescents today and racism. That’s the biggest connection between Netflix’s version and the original. The fact that the topics and issues have changed drastically but there were still shows that included a single mom, teenagers, called out social issues, and influenced future generations. Even though cultural perspectives have changed, these shows still empower independence and Netflix will continue to provide entertainment for everyone to enjoy.