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The second semester has begun, you promised yourself you would not procrastinate this time; however you forgot to do your English homework and study for a huge math test. Now you’re falling behind in two classes now, you feel your hairs are turning gray because you are already behind.

Many individuals are accustomed to stating that they are stressed. Stress is defined in as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Many adolescents do face this, they are expected to handle jobs, play sports, and maintain good grades. It’s a lot to put on someone’s plate and it is difficult for one not to feel stressed.

Stress is both good and bad. By having it one is able to accomplish tasks more efficiently and, increase memory. Too much, however, leads to many negative consequences. Some of the negative consequences that may be accompanied by too much stress are high blood pressure and increased depression. There are various ways to identify if one is truly suffering from this. Sometimes a person may suffer from terrible headaches, low energy, rapid heart rate, etc. It is important to know the signs and symptoms in order to cope with it. Many find that expressing themselves helps, they may choose to write how they feel on a piece of paper. Expressing how they feel allows them to find ways to resolve their reason for feeling this way. A second way to cope with stress is by exercising, this allows your mind to stay occupied and one may feel more relaxed afterward. Getting a good amount of sleep is also very beneficial, it is very simple for one to lose various hours of sleep, especially when one has been busy all day with school and chooses to stay up until very late. To prevent stress from occurring it is recommended to balance responsibilities and tasks to prevent one from an overload of stress It is time to take it one day at a time and treat our stress!