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Mall Carnival Article By Cora Keahl

To kick off the New Year, there was a carnival from the 10th to the 13th of January in the parking lot of the Lakeland Square Mall. The carnival was run by the company that typically provides the rides for the Strawberry Festival and the State Fair. On the downside, they weren’t the best quality of those rides like they are at the larger-scale fairs which resulted in a few breakdowns. On the ride, Alien Invasion, they had difficulties stopping the ride at the exit and had to push the ride around to position correctly with the exit.

Meanwhile, there was a lack of choice in food and drink, which is expected because guests were permitted to bring in their own food and it was a small-scale event. There was a small Chick-Fil-A trailer and a traditional carnival food stand with fried Oreos, funnel cake, and overpriced drinks. Overall, it was sub-par entertainment that the mall provided in hopes to bring in more customers although it was still a good way to spend a few hours with your friends if you were looking for a night out.