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Little Braves Preschool By Victoria Wahlers

At LG, they started a Little Braves Preschool, ran by Ms. Woodard, the new Early Childhood teacher. The preschool has been around since the early 1980s. The preschool allows kids ages 3 and 4 and can hold up to 12 kids. They stay for around 4 hours 8:30 to 11:30am. During that time period, the high schoolers have the opportunity to take over and teach our Little Braves hands on activities in order to get them excited about learning. There are different themes each week; the high schoolers are assigned certain weeks to teach, and they have to build a lesson plan around the theme. I was able to ask some of the students in this class what their favorite part about being a Little Braves preschool teacher is; Savannah Cain said “I enjoy overserving all the different personalities inside the preschool.” Chloe Jewell enjoys “when they are paying attention and being eager to learn.” Being in the academy is a lot of fun, and overall a great experience to take part in. With the LG students assisting in the development of the younger children, the Little Braves are able to learn skills that are going to be useful in the near future.