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LG’s Thanksgiving Feast by Emily Pierce

Many years ago, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag came together to enjoy a meal at the First Thanksgiving. Some Lake Gibson students have re-created this event on campus. Mrs. Audra Diaz organized a potluck for her American History Dual-Enrollment classes. The potluck took place on Thursday, November 15, one week before Thanksgiving. The “feast” was savored by students and was a festive way to allow them to come together to celebrate a significant historical event.

Taken by Emily Pierce

Surprisingly, the idea did not come from Mrs. Diaz; it sprouted from one of her students. “I heard one of my students talking about it and at first I thought she was joking. However, after I thought about it and realized we had the time, I decided, ‘why not’?” To organize the potluck, Mrs. Diaz simply found a template online that included items that the students could easily bring in. Once she got the list, she created a sign up sheet, so students could choose what food item they would like to bring. The food items that were served at the “feast” included: ham and turkey slices, fruit and veggies, apple and pumpkin pie, cookies, popcorn (to resemble corn), and crackers. Mrs. Diaz tried to serve food as closely related to the food served at the First Thanksgiving.

This new idea turned out to be very successful. Every one of Mrs. Diaz’s students thoroughly enjoyed the potluck. She plans on continuing this idea in upcoming years, as long as her students like it. “ I think it’s a great way to mix history, school, fun, and food at the same time!” Mrs. Diaz stated.