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LG Girls Take the Court! By Victoria Wahlers

The girls are back on the court! The season for our Lady Braves tennis team began at the end of January and ends beginning April. They practice Monday-Friday from2:30-4:00. Mrs. Harwell, the girl’s tennis coach, says, “I love being a coach because the girls are absolutely amazing, they work hard, and make it so fun.” There’s 9 Lady Braves on the tennis team: Kimberly Harwell, Izanell Recart, Kearstyn Hughes, Isabella Williams, Jacqueline Bui, Tisha Betts, Yarelis Suarez, Chloe Badilla, and Shylowe Sortman. Sortman, says, “I like being on the tennis team because the girls are so helpful and accepting towards anyone who is struggling with any aspect of the sport, which is what makes it so fun because when you go out there you don’t have to worry about being judged.” Overall, Mrs. Harwell enjoys coaching these girls and they are all hoping for a successful season. Come out and support the Lady Braves tennis team on their upcoming home game, on March 5, 12 and April 4 at 3:30.