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Last Minute Community Service By Lacey Fitzpatrick

As the school year draws to a close, many students rush to secure any last minute community service that they can get their hands on. Community service hours are required for many scholarships which may dramatically reduce the price of higher education. Having community service hours also looks good on transcripts, showing involvement in the community. The number of required hours needed to qualify to vary depending on the scholarship. A common goal for students is the Bright Futures Scholarship which includes a full-ride to college, however, requires 100 hours. Community service can only be acquired from non-profit organizations which are charitable organizations that advocate similar points of views and typically are in religious, scientific, research, or educational settings. The work is unpaid but pays off socially and may significantly help people in a particular area. With only a short time left in the school year, especially for seniors, many are cramming as much community service into their schedule as possible. There are many ways to score a few hours which are closer home or at school. Each Friday after school from 2-3pm, the Green Team picks up the campus’ recyclables, earning an hour weekly for participating students which can add up quickly, and thankfully, they are always open to new members. Teachers may also need help cleaning up their classroom and packing up in preparation for summer after school. Donation centers, animals shelters, churches, and libraries are just a few organizations commonly found locally which offer work to the public. A few hours of work which are highly beneficial for future education and the community are definitely worth the investment of time.