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Lakeland Artistic By Ali Nunez

Art is the concept that gathers up all the creations made by the human being to express their vision of the world, their experiences, dreams, or simply, their feelings.

On April 5, a group of students at Florida Southern College and artists of The Studio Art Senior Thesis Exhibition expressed themselves through the language of art.

The exhibition was inaugurated at The Melvin and Burks Galleries. This was their final student exhibition which showcased artwork created by Florida Southern’s own senior studio art students, and as explained on the college’s own web page;, “Each senior explores a unique central idea over the course of a year and creates a thematic body of work that conveys the technical and experiential nature of artistic expression and creation.”

The gallery was crowded, and people were very well dressed, glasses of champagne in their hands. On the walls there were particular artworks, some made with aluminum, others by wood, as well as combinations of colors that made a delight. “The paintings were as beautiful and deep as the ocean” words by a visitor at the place, Kenneth Caraballo.  The artworks looked simple, however, each of them had a deeper meaning, explained the students.

Desiree Lyons, one of the artists at the exhibition, based her art, made by involving crochet, knitting, quilting, and sewing, on three main reasons; her grandmother, who was an important part of her childhood, the fact that this technique has been important in the history of humanity and cultures, and the male chauvinist opinion of being a “gender-specific tradition” adapted as “Women’s Work.”

The other artists: Jamie Hearst, Samantha Finley, and Blair North, also based their precious and meaningful artworks on humanity as well as their experiences.