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It’s Time For A New Me By Astrid Diaz

As we say farewell to 2018, we welcome the New Year with so much anticipation. It’s time to look forward to new opportunities, improvements, and New Years resolutions. Many individuals set resolutions that they hope to accomplish in the New Year. Some may choose to improve their health and others decide to make better choices; individuals look for things that will make this year better than the last. A resolution is a firm change one decides to make, an individual may choose to have one or many ways to improve their lifestyle this year. The two main resolutions people tend to set for the upcoming year are saving money and losing weight. In a survey was completed and it was stated that 53 percent of wanted to save money in this upcoming year. The other 45 percent of individuals stated that the desired to lose weight. Research has also proved that at least 80 percent of resolutions are failed by February.

The Spear was able to interview individuals about their thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. Stefanie Sanjavier, a junior attending Lake Gibson, was asked if she believed New Years resolutions to be beneficial. “Setting resolutions is good because you are encouraged to improve on something you set your mind to,” answered Sanjavier. A senior at Lake Gibson High School, Brianna Garrison was also interviewed. Garrison stated, “It gives people a motive to do better throughout the year.” Individuals may feel more determined to accomplish something when they set a goal. However, not everyone believes that resolutions are very efficient. When Eduardo Diaz was asked his opinion he answered “I believe they help some people, but for the majority no. They are efficient for about three days and then go to waste.” Resolutions will only benefit people if they do not give up and stick to their plan. A survey was also created, the survey was given to 26 people and the ages varied from 15-28. The data received showed that 57% of the individuals hope to lose weight and 43% want to improve their skills on saving money this year, the audience was also asked if they had other resolutions for this year, 47% answered that they did. It is a year for new opportunities, let’s make it count!