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How is it bad for teenagers? By Oshwald Delanda

Juuls have been around for a while and have been leaving impacts on teenagers around the world. A Juul is a type of “vape”. A vape is an electronic cigarette or “e-cig”. It is a handheld electronic device that simulates the feeling of smoking. It works by heating a liquid, or “flavor”, to generate an aerosol, commonly names a “vapor”, that the user inhales. A Juul differs from vape because it uses nicotine salts that exists in leaf-based tobacco for its ingredient. The National Center for Health Research says that Juuls are so popular that it’s “68% of the $2 billion e-cigarette market.” Juuling is very common at teenage hangouts and even at school. Not only is nicotine highly addictive, but it is also toxic to fetuses and is known to impair brain and lung development if used during adolescence. Juul workers claims that its products are supposed to be used by current smokers trying to quit, not by teenagers who don’t even smoke. A Juul needs a “Juul Pod” to work. Instead of filling a Juul with a flavor, it comes in a small pod filled with flavor. Juul Pods are also dangerous. Once you’re done with the pod, you just throw it away, but people just throw it anywhere they want and don’t recycle which may contribute to global warming.

The Spear spoke to Mr. Campbell what his thoughts on Juuling in school is, “I despise Juuling in school. One reason is because no students should be Juuling because it’s tobacco. Sometimes, students use the device to put illegal drugs such as marijuana in it, so having it at school is very dangerous because kids might try it but doesn’t know what’s in it. Things can happen health wise that could leave the school liable to court and can leave the parents upset if their kids become ill, or even worse.” The Juul company have been trying to make things better by removing some flavors in the Juul Pods. Some side effects of Juuling are dehydration, dry mouth, lots of headaches, coughing and sore throats. The ability to hide a Juul is very frequent because they look like a USB Port, so they just take it to school and smoke it in the bathroom or even in the classroom when the teacher isn’t looking. There must be more school precautions, such as searching students bags, checking the bathrooms regularly and if they find students who are Juuling, then suspend them to keep Juuls out of school.