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Holguin Leaves Competitors in the Dust

The side walk chalk art competition began Thursday morning on April 24th. The competition had 12 competitors this year. It took place at the Courtyard by the auditorium, from 7am to 1pm. The competitors have been working on their art work with an effort to have the best piece of art the judges ever seen. The competitions concluded with a judging at 1pm to see who had the expertise to have first place. After the judges looked at each work of art they decided that Laura Holguin will have first place, with her Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait, she won a Samsung tablet and right behind her in second is Ivana Vazquez-Perez who drew Pablo Picasso’s self-portrait in the cubist style, she was prized a set of prism colors and a sketch book, third place came Sara Ragsdale with her drawing of Diego Rivera’s self-portrait also prized with a drawing kit and sketch book. This year’s competition was a close one with six competitors scoring close to the needed score. But three rose up from the dust. For the next annual Chalk Art Contest we could show more love and support or you could be receiving love while working on something while doing what you love the most.