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Hidden beneath her dark eyes,
A smoke has formed between a ribbon
of irises that intertwine.

Shattered on the pavement,
the pieces lie.

An illusion,
a smoke screen to hide
the ocean of emotion
that waves her goodbye.

Wind soft and clouds rolling by,
alone does she lay,
tainted by charcoal,
everywhere but her mind.

Falling apart,
she can no longer abide by
a vow made through glass
to her lover in disguise.

The cloaked silhouette wants to hold her tight.
Pull her toxic soul from the
innocent body
in which it resides.
A new promise she will make, that she is his to take
and he will give her a resting place
for a price.

Her debt will leave her with only
the whites of her eyes.

So when he hovers over her,
two opposite forms of life,
smoke escapes, through a gentle

It swirls swiftly into the thread
of his cloak,
as he opens his arms to welcome her.

The soft smoke trails after him
as he takes his leave.

And when it clears away,
the light is all that is left behind.

Not a trace of her gray lingers,
only transparent irises lie beneath
her thick lashes.

She is now lost beneath closed eyes.