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Girls Basketball Team by Oshwald Delanda

The girls’ basketball team is still under-going training for this season. There will be a home game on Monday, December 10th, against George Jenkins. They will play at the LGHS gym.

Coach Candu has been training the players by making them run a mile everyday, even on the weekends, and working them mentally and physically. She reminds the ladies that their passion is to never give up and allow their passion to push them to keep going.

The Spear spoke with JV Small Forward Renajah Coleman about looking forward to these upcoming games, “I am confident about these upcoming games because Coach Candy is training us everyday and helping us with our plays, our shots, and ball handling. Not only does she help us physically, but she also helps us mentally, she makes us drink a lot of water so we don’t get dehydrated during games.”

The ladies have to learn what type of plays they should use during each game and how to control the ball so they don’t lose the ball and ultimately lose the game; therefore, they work on ball confidence and the girls are ready for a win.