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Driver’s License Debate By: Kaitlyn Grayson

Once people turn 16, many of them run off to take their driving tests. Others, however, wait to
get their licenses. Some people also try to take their driving test, but fail and end up having to
retake it. The testing could have a few month long wait list, contributing to the delay of drivers.
Some people just choose not to get their licenses. Learner’s permits become available once
someone turns 16. Since many high school students are 16 and older, The Spear conducted a poll
to see how many students have driver’s licenses.
A group of students were asked the following question: “Do you have your driver’s license?”
Only 8/50 of the students confirmed having a license. This means that only 16% of the students
have them. 42/50 of the students said they did not have a license. This means 84% of the students
do not have them. The poll concluded that most of the students polled do not have their driver’s
licenses yet.
Some students seem to get their licenses earlier so they do not have to rely on other ways of
transportation, like a bus or carpooling with a friend or family member. Some students may not
have a vehicle to drive so they do not get them. Some students may have taken their driver’s test
and did not pass. They may also only have their learner’s permit. Or some students just may not
want to get their driver’s licenses yet.
Whether they have a learner’s permit or a driver’s license, we at Lake Gibson hope the
students are driving safely.