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Corvids By Amaya Prescott

Corvids, also known as Corvidae, are members of a family of birds that includes crows, ravens, magpies, rooks, jays, and several others.  Corvids are especially interesting birds for several reasons – most of which can be attributed to their intelligence.

Corvids, along with Parrots are considered to be the most intelligent out of all birds.  The majority of Corvids are good at recognizing faces and linked to that- holding grudges.  If someone is mean to a group of Corvids- crows especially -Chances are they won’t forgive or forget.  On the flip side of that, crows remember humans who have been nice to them. There have been cases of corvids bringing and sometimes even making gifts for humans who feed them regularly or have otherwise helped them.  

Corvids tend to be very lively birds; they’ll play with other birds, cats, and dogs, etc.  They have been seen using objects to play with or on and can play games like fetch or tug of war.  They play hide and seek and chase each other and generally use their outstanding intelligence to play in more sophisticated ways than other kinds of birds can.  Alternatively, corvids are especially mischievous, as they will pull pranks on other animals and even humans. Corvids are smart and can mimic sounds like many birds, but they use it to mess around with others.

Corvids are interesting birds that have several unique qualities that help them stand out from other birds and animals in general.