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Christmas in November? by Kaitlyn Grayson

Walmart’s: “Light Up Christmas” Sign

September, October, … December? People seem to start celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier each year. They skip the turkey and head straight into their fa-la-la-la-la-la-land. After October 31st, a whole month is skipped, until Thanksgiving Day. But then Thanksgiving is over and the day after, they resume their Christmas festivities.

It’s not just households that partake in the early celebration. Even stores have already begun to celebrate. They take all of the Halloween costumes and decorations off of the shelves and replace them with Christmas decorations instead. Pumpkins are replaced with Christmas trees. Candy corn is replaced by candy canes. Little to no turkeys are in sight.

Some people start to celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving Day, passing around the fruit cake instead of the pumpkin pie. This isn’t too early to celebrate, but it is still taking away from Thanksgiving. People even rush out on Thanksgiving to be first in line for new deals on Black Friday. While watching Thanksgiving parades and football, Christmas movies fill the channels and Christmas commercials take up the breaks.

But the real question is: Why do people start celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier every year? Some people simply love Christmas, and want to celebrate it sooner, and for a longer amount of time. Some families may also celebrate Christmas earlier due to certain family members not being able to celebrate on the actual Christmas Day. They may be in the military or live far away or may just not be able to all get together on the actual Christmas Day. So then the family celebrates early, when every member of the family is available. Some stores contribute to the early celebration, releasing all of their new holiday items prior to Thanksgiving. With all of the new items already being out, people buy them early, leading to the earlier celebrations of Christmas.

Both taken by Kaitlyn Grayson

Christmas is a beloved holiday, wanted to be celebrated year round by some. But other holidays deserve their proper celebrations also. If Christmas starts being celebrated earlier and earlier, there will be nothing left for the actual Christmas Day. With Thanksgiving just coming to an end, Christmas will come soon enough, and we can’t wait to begin celebrating!