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Braves Junior Varsity Football On A Uprise – By Aniya Freeman


Lake Gibson Senior High’s very own Junior Varsity football team has been working extremely hard this season. Since suffering a loss in it’s first game, JV players and coaches have been working rigorously each practice. However, that’s been complicated due to many practices and games being canceled because of weather. The Spear spoke to Richard Kelley, Head Coach, on what he thinks is going to help his team in the future, and he stated, “I think they could do better with more practice… We’ve been rained out of just about every practice we’ve had this year.” As coach said, rain is probably the most detrimental thing that’s happened so far to the team.

Everyone knows that not every team is perfect and there’s always something to improve on. Roger Frazier, #25, is a defensive end for the JV Braves. During an interview with Frazier, The Spear questioned him about any improvements he thought the team should make. He harps on, “Brotherhood, teamwork, and attitude” to be the three most important qualities. Malik Wallace, #2 who plays wide receiver was another star player who was interviewed. He said, “Yes I feel our team needs a lot of improvement, we need to work on being a family and to stick together when we are all tired, we gotta push harder to succeed.” Not only does each team have team goals, players also set personal goals or improvements for themselves. Wallace stated, “I personally think I can change my game so that I can reach the next level.” In previous games Wallace has scored 5 touchdowns and had 1 deflected ball during the Lake Wales game. Tre’Vion Link, #10, who plays running back for The Braves was asked the same question, and he said, “I’ll like to get faster and have a better Football IQ.” In the most recent previous game Link has scored 1 touchdown with over 90 yards. Logan Hackett, #1, plays Quarterback. During his interview, Hackett answered that he wanted to “Get stronger, gain weight, and get faster.” Everyone has their own preferences and goals, but one thing is for sure, they’ll all work as a team to conquer them.

Thursday, September 13th will be JV’s 3rd game this season where they will be going up against the Lakeland Dreadnaughts. Johnny Torrence, #6, plays defensive back. Torrence commented that, “We are going to do well in the upcoming game but it won’t be easy, the opposing team is very disciplined.” So, the question is, how have they prepared themselves? Kelley added, “Well before the season started we practiced 4 days a week and now were practicing 3 days a week prior to our football games.”  Jayvien Haynes, #27, plays running back. Haynes narrowly voiced that, “We been practicing trying to perfect everything and just putting in the work every day.” With a good amount of practice and the right motivation the Lake Gibson Senior High’s Jv team will show up and show out!

“L, LG,WHAT!?, GH, WHAT!?,HS, SAY WHAT SAY WHAT! L WHAT, G WHAT, H WHAT, S WHAT, LGHS AHHH!!!” Those are formally known as Brave Jacks. That is one of the biggest chants performed by LG’s football players before and or after games. With coaches being very patient with the team and players being much appreciative with each other, The Spear would like to recognize that as a very gratifying comeback.