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Bored? By Ali Nunez

Have you ever felt bored at home, without knowing what to do? Lakeland, the city where we live and study, is a small place that is often referred to as a town, because of how small it is. There are only a few activities that are simply seen, but by looking more closely, there are many more activities than we think.

Getting bored is common in teenagers, especially because we are very proactive and we can exhaust our ideas in a short time, but it also takes us time to generate new ideas, most of the time we need some help or inspiration. Believe it or not, there are many activities to do in Lakeland. A survey was done by myself the past January 17th and the results were surprising, there was a great variety of activities in only 30 people, go to the movies, go to x2 infinity, McDonald’s, or simply go to the mall. These are obviously uncreative activities thanks to its greatly fluid attendance. Activities like fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, even though these are repetitive, they’re still are good ideas, there are a lot of lakes in Lakeland and its surroundings, you can also do this and even more on a beach-the nearest is only 30 minutes driving from Lakeland. Walking, playing sports and more outdoor activities are also good ideas. There are more than 5 natural parks in which the environment is perfect for its amount of fauna and flora, which also includes baseball, soccer, tennis and more, totally free. There’s Tigertown, a baseball stadium, a lot of restaurants and buffets, a drive-in cinema, laser tag, bowling, roller skating rinks, museums, paintball fields, and more to do in Lakeland or close to it, there are different prices but nothing too expensive, so you can have fun at low prices.

Lakeland is a small city that hides most of its activities, places, and beauties. There’s a lot of interesting and fun things to do. So next time you feel bored or tired of this small beautiful city, all you have to do is look closely.