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Benefits of Reading By Amaya Prescott

Reading has been a fairly popular pastime for many years, especially before entertainment provided by electronics was widespread. Though global reading rates have increased, especially in younger generations, few people are aware of how reading benefits them.

Reading is good for people who do it regularly and it’s enjoyable if the right book is being read. Reading frequently can help increase a person’s vocabulary, slow down the effects of diseases that are detrimental to the mind as far as memory and thought processes are concerned, reduce stress, improve analytical thinking and memory, and it benefits a person’s writing abilities. People who read regularly also tend to have higher I.Q’s and GPA’s.

Though, just because reading is good for people, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. Since reading doesn’t come easily for everyone being forced to read more than they can or faster than they are capable of tends to discourage any kind of reading, recreational or otherwise. Not to mention that many students find the books and articles they are forced to read in school, mind numbingly boring. There are however, methods to help encourage easier reading and a love of reading, though unfortunately there are a few issues that really can’t be helped.

A good piece of advice is to find a book about something you are actually going to be interested in. Grabbing the first book you see or any one that is remotely related to something you somewhat like won’t entertain you. If you like basketball, look for a book about basketball, and don’t limit yourself to non-fiction books either. There are actual stories about just about every topic under the sun. James Maddox is a great author who has written some fairly small chapter books, each one revolving around the main character who is involved in a specific sport. So the next time you’re looking for a book to read take the time to try and find one you’ll really like, grabbing a random book off a shelf isn’t doing you any favors.

Manage your time; if you aren’t enjoying reading, you aren’t doing it right. Don’t force yourself to read longer than you want to, if you can help it. If you can only read for five minutes or only read a couple of pages, that’s fine. You can pace yourself however you want when reading recreationally. There will be times when you will have to read more than you want to and won’t have a choice, but don’t let those discourage you from reading in an environment and timeframe where you’re the one in control of it all.

Overall, reading is a good way to spend your time, even if it’s not a lot. It has so many benefits and can be very entertaining if you pick the right story. Don’t let bad experiences discourage you from doing it. Yes, it isn’t as easy for some as it is for others but taking the time to pick up a book and read will do so many good things for you, so give it a chance