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Bags from Blind By Rosario González

People with disabilities are more capable than they appear. In a small city in Guanajuato, Mexico, a group of visually impaired individuals is making and selling bags made out of plastic. These bags come in clutches, purses, crossbodies, etc.

The money they make goes to their school so they can learn to read brail, use canes, and identify objects as they walk. They learned to weave bags from another individual who is also visually impaired. They are first taught to study the weaving loom by identifying how many nails it has, the distance between each nail, and how long it is. Then the instructor moves the student’s hands to show them how to sew the plastic and where to hook the plastic on the nails. Once they have mastered it, they feel the bag for errors. With time and practice they get better and continue to to pass down their knowledge.

This school has helped these individuals gain hope in life and gave them the desire to continue to push forward!