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Above & Beyond: The End of the 2017-2018 Year

As the end of the 2017-2018 school year approaches, seniors are planning to begin the next step of their lives. Towards the end of their senior year, some seniors will be recognized for the various achievements they’ve accomplished over the last four years. These rewards come from places like Bright Futures and grants from institutions that will help them throughout their college years, job, career, etc. To further see how far they’ve come, Mrs. Anspaugh put together a senior video which will feature seniors with their baby picture, and their elementary, middle, and high school pictures. This slideshow will surely bring back fond memories to many, and will further celebrate their great accomplishment. May 11th is the official last day for seniors. However, they will only stay for the morning for a breakfast to give them a proper sendoff before heading out for the summer. The Graduation ceremony will be held at the Lakeland Center and practice will take place at 9:00 am before the actual service at 6:00 pm. This service awards them their diploma and Certificate of Completion. The other students, however, will prepare for the next year of high school and with new opportunities to join clubs and pick new classes that could be of interest to them. After these moments, seniors will become citizens in the world and will reap the full benefits of the real world. However, they’ll just have to find it. In the end, they’ll always remember the same motto, “Once a Brave, always a Brave”.