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A Swimming New Year By Ali Nunez

Since the beginning of Lake Gibson High School there has been a swim team almost every year, and with the passage of time, those who make up the team change; this year is not the exception.

This year the coaches are Toi Burdick and Matt Jimmerson, the great and young swimmers are:

* Daniel Badell (12th)

* Cierra Bauer (10th)

* Myla Bence (12th)

* Thalleia Cabanban (12th)

* Kenneth Caraballo 11th

* Enrique Carrasquillo (12th)

* Nyah Despiau (12th)

* Kennedy Farmerie (9th)

* Taylor Hawthorne (12th)

* Savhanna McDaniel (10th)

* Paul-Michael Moore (10th)

* Noah Ounan (10th)

* LeMuel Padro (10th)

* Maria Rivera (12th)

* Elaina Salerno (12th)

* Makenzie West (9th)

And the manager; Alyssa Rosado. Lately, during these 5 last months, a student has highlighted more about others.

Enrique Carrasquillo, 17, was born in Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico, then emigrated to the United States in 2017 because of Hurricane Maria. He had goals back in Puerto Rico and still has them here. Nowadays, Enrique is a really good student as well as a really good swimmer.

In August, Carrasquillo was interviewed by Bill Kemp, a journalist from The Ledger, a local Newspaper. He was interviewed for many reasons generally, for being a good and important swimmer for the LG Swimming Team, but one of the main reasons for being interviewed was that he reached “second place at last season’s Polk County meet and was just fast enough to qualify for the FHSAA Class 3A state finals” according to Kemp.

And for all the LG’s Swim Team Braves; Keep breaking records, reaching high places and keep being the bests. Go Braves!