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“A Million Dollar Teacher”

Mr. Duncan is a 9th grade English educator who has been working here for six years. He is a hardworking teacher who has wanted to teach since his senior year of high school. “Mr. Duncan is probably one the of the best teachers I’ve ever had. The way he teaches is unique; He isn’t bland, he adds smart remarks and jokes, but still teaches us what we need”, Says Payton Thompson. When discussing what he enjoys about teaching, Mr. Duncan said, “I enjoy teaching student’s things they didn’t know before. Those “ah ha” moments where the light bulb clicks on and they come back and say they did so well because of what I showed them.” He enjoys “molding minds”, as he likes to say, and guiding others through anything they may be doing. Outside of school, he continues to coach and educate people through what’s called Cross Fit. He also trains when he’s not coaching others. He’s just a bald educator who’s in it to make “millions.”