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Let’s Hit the Road by Aniya Freeman

In Florida, you only have to be 14 ½ years old to start Drivers Ed online. The following websites can be used to complete the course,

If you are a student who needs to earn their license because you’ve started a new job or you want to feel responsible then starting the course now may help your situation. Something to keep in mind is that each course varies in length. Some courses may only take a few weeks to complete while others may take a few months. If you have a busy schedule, a course recommended for you would be Florida Virtual School (FLVS). By completing the course on FLVS, you only have to turn in 2-3 assignments per week or you could set it up where you turn in a certain amount each week. Whatever would help you. But if you’d prefer to take your time on the course and you just want to get it done, Online-Drivers-Ed is highly recommended. This course takes about 6 hours to complete depending on how you want to do it. Regardless of the website, once you complete AND pass, your course certificate is sent to the Florida DHSMV. Remember, to pass you have to receive an 80% or higher. You could complete this course in your free time if you feel that that is best or if you’re a student with a busy schedule then each day after school you could complete a few activities and finish in no time. A few places you could do this at are at the library, at home, or anywhere you have a wifi connection. Remember, doing this is NOT required to graduate.