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13 Turpin Siblings Gained Freedom

A traumatic experience occurred in Los Angeles, California on January 18th, to 13 siblings in the household of David and Louise Turpin. All of the siblings, except the eldest son were said to be home schooled. Little did anyone know, the Turpin siblings were being starved, abused and tortured at home. The case only came into view after one of the Turpin’s daughters escaped out of the window and contacted the authorities. A case opened against Mr. And Mrs. Turpin, and as expected they pleaded not guilty to the multiple felony charges they were presented with. After the case was brought to the headlines, homeschooling superintendents were reporting there to be more restrictions in the state of California for homeschooling. “There is no better way to isolate your child if you are an abusive parent than to home school,” the executive direction of the coalition for responsible homeschooling Rachel Coleman, reported to NBC 4 in Los Angeles. Due to this story, many regulations are being put up on the table, such as standardized testing and visits while being home schooled. Some people may deem this as a gratifying solution, others see it as a bad idea. Some people are concerned that making these choices to change the way homeschooling is monitored will lead to backlash and violation of the civil rights of law-abiding, thriving homeschooling families. Others believe this could be a better solution to ensure more students have a better homeschooling experience.