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Is this it chief? By: Kate Butcher

Its 2019 and new year means new beginnings. People leave their past in 2018 to start fresh. However, the one thing that should not be left in 2018, is memes. A meme is a humorous image, video, or text that is copied and spread rapidly over the internet. Most teenagers find memes funny and may share them over social media. A few of the students around Lake Gibson shared a few of their favorite memes from 2018. Leah Delong, Freshmen, said her favorite meme was the “Cardi b, mamma told me.” Many students also agreed with Delong. Some other students like Bailey Ellison, Sophomore, enjoys the Infinity War “I don’t feel so good” meme. Many popular memes of 2018 were: evil Patrick, moth lamp, this ain’t it chief, Krusty krab vs. Chum bucket, and tired SpongeBob. However, the 3 most popular were the coughing cat, weird flex, and they did surgery on a grape. The coughing cat meme is a photoshopped picture of a cat that is compared to the face a little kid when they cough. Weird flex is a catchphrase that people would say to show off something, the term can be used negatively. They did surgery on a grape was originally a demonstration of a surgical system that was later made into another video which blew up over Instagram. Even though memes were favored, some students explained other got old really fast: tide pods Yanny and Laurel, and selfie kid. Although 2018 is over, the memes wont stop coming. What memes are going to blow up in 2019.