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Seniors: Things to Know

Senior Path to Graduation: Things to Know

Stay on Track for Graduation

  • You will be having a senior meeting with your school counselor to ensure you are on track for  graduation. Make sure to follow through with the information given to you at this meeting. If you are on track, that’s great. If not, work to get on track.
  • Maintain good grades, good behavior and come to school, attendance/seat time count.
  • If you have any questions/concerns regarding your eligibility for graduation, contact your school counselor. Do not wait until the last minute.

After High School Plans
You need to have a plan after high school and you will have to determine what plan that will be for you. Look at the “Post-Secondary Pathways” tab to learn about what your options are.

Financial Aid
If you plan on attending any type of school after graduation, look at the “Financial Aid” and “Scholarships” tab to find out what options are available to help you pay for school.


  • If you are an athlete and you plan on getting a scholarship to play a sport in college, make sure to see your coach to see if you have completed all necessary requirements.


  • You are responsible for sending your transcripts to your school(s) of choice  when you apply to them.  You need to fill out a transcript request form in the guidance office and the guidance secretary will  fulfill your request.

Community Service Hours

  • Read the requirements for community service hours on the LGHS website under the College and Career tab. You’ll be also be able to access the form necessary to document your hours. Make sure to turn in your service hours form to Mrs. Lutter in the front office.
Questions? Contact Student Success Coach & College/Career Coordinator
Ms. Bazunu: antoinette.bazunu@polk-fl.net