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From the Chief’s Teepee By Emily Pierce

The month of November brings an abundance of food, holiday cheer, and cold weather. Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, but students and teachers also enjoyed a long and relaxing week of break. Thanksgiving break was a great time for individuals to spend time with their families, savor a variety of delicious foods, and mentally as well as physically rest. Not only did the students and staff have their own Thanksgiving outside of school, but they also had one here on campus one week before break. A special lunch was held for the students and teachers to celebrate the cherished holiday.

In addition to the celebration of Thanksgiving, many other things occurred in November at Lake Gibson. A few sports have begun this month including boys and girls’ basketball, boys and girls’ soccer, and girls’ weightlifting. Also, wrestling has started to defend their state title this November. Besides sports, students and teachers are giving back to the community by participating in many food drives for families in need.

With December approaching, students need to focus on their grades, for it is almost the end of the first semester. Principal Vann’s words of advice this November are, “Keep your eye on the prize and be the best version of yourself every day. It is the holiday season but also almost the end of the semester. Therefore, we do not want to fall behind; let’s finish the end of the semester strong!”