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Business Academy

The Polk Academy of Business and Technology

Linking Learning to Life

Mission Statement

The mission of the Polk Academy of Business & Technology, in cooperation with parents and the community, is to provide all students training in specialized technology courses while preparing them for post-secondary studies and to enter the workforce of tomorrow

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The academy seeks to create a collective learning environment that is centered on communication across all levels of the school. Plans and strategies will be shared between the academy faculty, cohort teachers, and administration on a monthly basis. The focus of monthly meetings allows for a review of goals, strategies, and data centered collaboration. It also provides an opportunity to examine results and revise expectations. Communication at all levels is key in tracking progress, coordinating implementation, and establishing accountability.

The focus of the Academy is on building a solid foundation of academic skills while instilling responsibility, interpersonal skills, and work ethics. The teachers incorporate teamwork, leadership, and communication skills within English, Economics, and technology classes.

The relevance of the class work is underscored by constant demonstrations of the connections between school, career, and post-secondary education.

While enrolled in this program, credits can be earned from the different courses that are offered. Credits from Southeastern University and Honors credits are available for the students to receive while in this Academy.

Programs of Study

Majors offered by the Polk Academy of Business and Technology are listed below.

Accounting Operations – For students interested in a career in Accounting, Banking, or other financial operations

Administrative Assistant – For students interested in a career ranging for Business Administration to Entrepreneurship.

Digital Design – For students interested in a career as a Graphic Designer or Production Assistant.

Business Supervision and Management – For students interested in a career in an international business environment.

Legal Administrative Specialist – For students interested in a career as a Legal Secretary of Legal Administrative Assistant.

Web Design Services – For students interested in a career in Information Technology, HTML Coding or Web Producing.

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